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    Common Errors

    Common Errors

    The Box APIs uses HTTP status codes to communicate if a request has been successfully processed or not.

    Client error

    Most client errors in the HTTP 4XX, and some server errors in the HTTP 5XX range returns a standard client error JSON object.

      "type": "error",
      "status": 400,
      "code": "bad_digest",
      "help_url": "",
      "message": "The specified Content-MD5 did not match what we received",
      "request_id": "abcdef123456"

    Please see the Client Error resource for more details.

    Common error codes

    Please check our Developer Troubleshooting Articles for solution to common errors encountered when working with the Box APIs.

    400 Bad Request

    MessageThe specified Content-MD5 did not match what we received
    SolutionWhile uploading a file, a Content-MD5 header with the SHA-1 hash of the file can be supplied to ensure that the file is not corrupted in transit. The SHA-1 hash that was supplied in the request did not match what was received in the upload. Supply a valid SHA-1 hash of the uploaded file.
    SolutionRequired parameters supplied in the API request are either missing or invalid. Check the extended error message in the response body for more details.
    MessageCannot move a collaborated folder to a private folder unless the new owner is explicitly specified
    SolutionSpecify the ID of the user that the content should be transferred to by setting the field in the request.
    MessageRoot folder cannot be collaborated
    SolutionYou cannot set collaborators on a user's root folder (folder ID 0). Use a different folder ID than the root folder.
    MessageFolder move creates cyclical folder structure
    SolutionThe folder ID specified in the folder move would create a cyclical folder structure (for example moving a folder to a subfolder within itself). Change the folder ID for the folder move request.
    MessageCannot delete – folder not empty
    SolutionDelete all content from the folder before attempting to delete it.
    MessageItem type must be specified and set to 'folder'
    SolutionThe item.type field of the collaboration item should be set to folder.
    MessageVerify the authorization code is set correctly in your request, or your application likely needs to get a new authorization code.
    SolutionThe authorization code supplied in the API request is missing or no longer valid. Possible solutions are to verify that the access token is added correctly in the request. If correctly set, the access token may have expired. Attempt to refresh the access token or fetch a new one.
    MessageCurrent date time must be before the expiration date time listed in the 'exp' claim.
    SolutionThis error occurs when the Unix time on your local machine and the Box server are out of sync. To fix this error, update the Unix time on your machine to match a synchronized time server, then try the request again.
    MessageLimit is not a valid number
    SolutionAdd a valid numeric value for the supplied limit value.
    MessageOffset is not a valid number
    SolutionAdd a valid numeric value for the supplied offset value.
    MessageInvalid input parameters in request
    SolutionInvalid parameters were sent in the API request. Check the API reference documentation for the correct request parameters that should be supplied for the API operation.
    MessageYou can change the status only if the collaboration is pending
    SolutionThe status of a collaboration can only be updated to accepted or rejected by the user specified in the accessible_by field when the current status is set to pending.
    MessageThe upload session ID provided in the URL is not of a valid format.
    SolutionThe session ID supplied when making a chunked upload API request was invalid. Use the same session ID from the session that was created.
    MessageItem name invalid
    SolutionVerify that the file's name is valid. Box only supports file or folder names that are 255 characters or less. File names containing non-printable ASCII, "/" or "", names with leading or trailing spaces, and the special names “.” and “..” are also unsupported.
    MessageItem name too long
    SolutionShorten the length of the name that is being supplied for the item. The maximum length of a file or folder name in Box is 255 characters or less.
    MessageUser needs to reset password
    SolutionThe user has not yet completed account setup steps.
    MessageRequested representation page out of range
    SolutionThe range header supplied does not fit within the size of the specified item. Adjust the bounds to fit within the size of the item and try again.
    MessageRequested preview unavailable
    SolutionThe thumbnail size requested for the file is not valid. See the reference docs for the API operation for available format sizes.
    MessageCannot move a synced item
    SolutionThe item is set to be synced by the Box sync clients and cannot be moved. A possible solution is to set the sync_state of the item to not_synced.
    MessageAssigner does not have sufficient privileges to assign task to assignee
    SolutionThe user who is attempting to assign the task does not have the appropriate permissions to do so. Adjust the user permissions to allow the assignment of tasks.
    MessageUser must accept custom terms of service before action can be taken
    SolutionThe admin of your Box account has set custom terms of service and the user has not logged in to accept the terms yet. The user will need to accept the terms of service, or the admin will have to disable them, in order to proceed. More information is available here.
    MessageUser is already a collaborator
    SolutionThe user that you are attempting to collaborate in on an item is already collaborated on that item. This request is not needed.
    MessageMetadata is included after file contents in a file upload request.
    SolutionInclude the file metadata before the file's contents.

    401 Unauthorized

    SolutionAuthorization token is not authorized, check extended error message in body for more details.

    403 Forbidden

    MessageAccess denied – insufficient permission
    This error is typically produced when scopes that are needed for the API operation were not enabled. See here for solution information.
    MessageAccess denied – item locked
    SolutionYou are attempting to access a locked item without appropriate permissions to access it. Unlock the item first, then try to access it again.
    SolutionYou’re attempting to log in to Box from a location that has not been approved by your admin. Please talk to your admin to resolve this issue.
    MessageFile size exceeds the folder owner’s file size limit
    SolutionSee here for maximum file size limits based on account type.
    SolutionClient does not have permission to upload to this session. Only the user who initiated the upload session may upload to it.
    SolutionA password is required for the shared item, but it was either incorrect or not supplied.
    MessageAccount storage limit reached
    SolutionThe storage limit of the account has been reached. Either upgrade your account or permanently delete content to continue. Content that is simply moved to the trash will still count towards the account total until it is permanently deleted.
    MessageUser needs to complete email confirmation
    SolutionThe user has not yet completed steps for email confirmation.

    404 Not Found

    SolutionThe resource could not be found. Check the extended error message in the response body for more details.
    MessageItem is not trashed
    SolutionThe item that is to be permanently deleted is not in the trash. Send the item to the trash first.
    MessagePreview cannot be generated
    SolutionYou are not able to generate a preview thumbnail for the specified file.
    MessageItem is trashed
    SolutionThe item that is to be accessed is in the trash and unavailable for modification. Move the item out of the trash and try again.

    405 Method Not Allowed

    MessageMethod Not Allowed
    SolutionThe HTTP method used for the API operation is not allowed. Check the API reference documentation for the HTTP verb needed for the API operation.

    409 Conflict

    MessageA resource with this value already exists
    SolutionThis error may be produced when the resource to be created already exists. Check the extended error message in the response body for more details.
    MessageItem with the same name already exists
    SolutionThis error is produced when a resource with the same name already exists. Ensure that the resource name being added / modified is unique.
    MessageThe item name is reserved by another processing item. Wait and then retry the request, or wait and check the parent folder to see if the name is in use.
    SolutionTwo duplicate requests have been submitted at the same time. Box acknowledges the first and reserves the name, but a second duplicate request arrives before the first request has completed. Allow the first request to complete before sending the second.
    MessageThe operation is blocked by another ongoing operation
    SolutionThis error is returned when trying to access a folder that is blocked by another folder operation, such as a move or copy. Try again at a later interval.
    MessageA similar comment has been made recently
    SolutionA similar comment was recently made, and the API has flagged it as a potential duplicate. Verify that the comment was indeed made, or modify the comment content and try again.
    MessageUser with the specified login already exists
    SolutionA user with the same email already exists. Either refer to the existing user or specify a different email.

    410 Gone

    SolutionThe upload session associated with the given upload session ID has expired and can no longer be accessed.
    SolutionThe upload session is in an unrecoverable failed state and cannot continue. This or other requests have resulted in the upload session reaching a bad state (for example parts overlapping). Possible situations where this may arise include when the maximum number of parts has been exceeded or when overlapping parts have been uploaded.

    411 Length Required

    MessageContent-Length header was required, but not provided.
    SolutionSupply a content-length header within your API request.

    412 Precondition Failed

    MessageThe resource has been modified. Please retrieve the resource again and retry
    SolutionCheck the extended error message in the response body for more details.
    MessageThe resource has been modified. Please retrieve the resource again and retry
    SolutionCheck the extended error message in the response body for more details.

    413 Request Entity Too Large

    MessageRequest Entity too Large
    SolutionThis error is produced when the size of the upload is more than the allowed maximum. Check the extended error message in the response body

    415 Unsupported Media Type

    MessagePreviews for boxnote files are not yet supported.
    SolutionThis error is produced when requested an embed preview of a Box Note. Embedded previews are currently unsupported for Box Notes.

    429 Too Many requests

    MessageRequest rate limit exceeded, please try again later
    SolutionThe client is performing operations too quickly and has been rate limited. Client is advised to retry their request after the amount of time specified by the Retry-After header. There are four rate limits to be aware of. There is a limit of 10 API calls per second per user. There is also a limit of 4 uploads per second per user, 6 searches per second per user up to 60 searches per minute, and 12 searches per second per enterprise. To solve this error, consider either backing off when rate limits are hit using an exponential back off method, caching information when possible to reduce necessary calls, or imposing throttling on calls made from the application to Box.

    500 Internal Service Error

    MessageInternal Server Error
    SolutionClient should retry using exponential back-off strategy

    502 Bad Gateway

    SolutionClient should retry using exponential back-off strategy

    503 Unavailable

    SolutionPlease check our API status page for information.