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    For historical changelog entries, please see 2018 Release Notes.

    2019-10-18 / Relay API Endpoints will EOL on December 31st, 2019

    On December 31st, 2019, Box will end of life all Relay Classic API endpoints, which includes the following functions:

    • Get list of published Relay Classic templates.
    • Get list of Relay Classic workflows.
    • Launch a Relay Classic workflow.

    To ensure that your application continues to function after December 31st please remove all calls to the Relay Classic APIs listed above.

    For more information please see our community thread on the topic.

    2019-09-18 / New security enhancements for token revocation

    We have enhanced the capabilities of the token revocation endpoint to permit downscoped tokens to be revoked prior to their expiration time. Previous to this update only fully scoped access tokens could be revoked through the /revoke endpoint. With this new enhancement downscoped tokens may now be revoked in addition to the fully scoped access tokens.

    More information is available here.

    2019-09-11 / New completion_rule field for Tasks

    A new optional field has been made available within the Task object, completion_rule. This field may be set through the use of the the Create Task and Update Task endpoints, and will be returned as part of the standard Task object.

    The purpose of this field is to set the conditions under which a task is completed, based on user involvement. When a task is created with a completion rule of all_assignees (default), the task will only be considered completed when all assignees have completed the task. When a task is created with a completion rule of any_assignee, the task will be considered completed when one assignee has completed the task.

    2019-06-26 / New supported values in Tasks API

    On June 26th, Box released support for a new task type, general tasks. When creating or updating a task, the action field can either be review for approval tasks or complete for the new general tasks.

    This change also affects the accepted values when updating a task assignment. If you want to update an approval/review task, the resolution_state can be set to incomplete, approved, or rejected. A general/complete task can have a resolution_state of incomplete or completed.

    The Tasks API doesn't refer to tasks as "General" or "Approval" within the response body. This is reflected only within Box's UI.

    Docs can be found here.

    2019-05-31 / Replaced Obsolete Field in Collaborations

    In 2018 a new field, acceptance_requirements_status was added to the GET collaborations/id API endpoint to support additional notification use cases. This field includes terms of service, 2-factor auth, and strong password requirements. The existing acceptance_requirements field, which only contains Terms of Service requirements, have been replaced with the new acceptance_requirements_status.

    Previously a call to GET /collaboration/<collaboration_id>?fields=acceptance_requirements would return an object like the following:

    "acceptance_requirements": {
        "terms_of_service": {
            "type": "terms_of_service",
            "id": <tos_id>

    With the new field, the request GET /collaboration/<collaboration_id>?fields=acceptance_requirements_status would return the following:

     "acceptance_requirements_status": {
        "terms_of_service_requirement": {
            "is_accepted": true,
            "terms_of_service": {
                "type": "terms_of_service",
                "id": <tos_id>
        "strong_password_requirement": {
            "enterprise_has_strong_password_required_for_external_users": true,
            "user_has_strong_password": false
        "two_factor_authentication_requirement": {
            "enterprise_has_two_factor_auth_enabled": true,
            "user_has_two_factor_authentication_enabled" true

    2019-05-15 / TLS 1.0 deprecated complete

    On May 13th, 2019, Box began the process of disabling TLS 1.0 requests to Box APIs. As of today, all TLS 1.0 API requests will be returning a response stating that a secure connection could not be established when making API calls.

    Impacted developers will have been notified through multiple channels over the last 6-12 months, but should your application be impacted you will need to update your systems to again be able to make API requests to Box.

    Please see our TLS 1.0 deprecation guide to upgrade your systems to TLS 1.2.

    For any questions or for addition support, please file a support ticket.

    2019-04-15 / Changes to Task (Assignment) API responses

    We have released an update to the API responses of the Get Task and Get Task Assignment endpoints.

    Prior to this change, if a call was made to get a task or task assignment with a valid task ID, and that file was deleted or your permissions changed to prevent viewing the file, you would receive a 404 error because the tasks would be deleted with the file.

    With this new change, the response returned will be the task object with a null response where the item would be, rather than a 404 error response.

    2019-03-29 / Box CLI 2.1.0 Released

    A new version of the Box CLI has been released, taking the version from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0. This release includes a number of feature enhancements and bug fixes:

    • Fixed paging for events commands (link)
    • Updated lodash version (link)
    • Send fields parameter to API when --fields flag is used (link)
    • Fix event-types flag (link)
    • Added build NPM script (link)

    2019-01-18 / New Sidebar UI Element & Open With Element GA

    Two major releases have been made to the Box UI Elements:

    1. New Sidebar Element: This new element provides capabilities for incorporating the metadata sidebar for a file directly into your own application or website. Documentation is available here.
    2. GA of Open With Element: The Open With element has been moved from beta to general availability. Open With delivers an individual button or an integration into the existing Content Explorer element to launch file content with Adobe Sign, G Suite, or Box Edit. Documentation is available here.

    Full release announcement is available here.